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The Kosciuszko Alpine Way

Thredbo Valley & The Alpine Way Drive

The Alpine Way is the road that connects Jindabyne with Thredbo Alpine Resort and continues on to Victoria. The area locally known as Crackenback or Thredbo Valley is full of interesting sights to see, award winning restaurants, the famous Schnapps Distillery and numerous boutique accommodation options.

The Alpine Way was built about 1950 as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme as access to Murray 1 & 2 power stations located on the western side of the Snowy Mountains.
Early in the 1830’s the Thredbo Valley was settled by the Pendergast family, the first white settlers in the southern Monaro. Several old pioneer buildings can still be seen on either side of the road. 

After you pass through the Valley you will cross the saddle and you leave the gently undulating plains of the southern Monaro behind you. The saddle formed as a result of step faulting during the Kosciuszko uplift at the end of the Miocene period approximately 30 million years ago. 

Skitube Bullocks Flat terminal. The alpine rail links the Alpine Way to the Perisher ski resort (closed in summer). It is very popular in winter as a fast mode of transport to the ski fields. The Skitube is Australia’s highest railway.

The Thredbo Diggings camping area is situated alongside the Thredbo River. You can walk to Bullocks Hut from here.
From the Ngarigo camping area you can see the Lubra rocks, a conspicuous granite outcrop. Note the line of demarcation between the upper “snow gum zone” & the lower forest of Mountain Gum & White Sally. This line would be at a level of approximately 1400m. 

Snowy Hydro currently provides around 67% of all renewable energy that is available to the eastern mainland grid of Australia, as well as providing fast response power to light up the morning and evening rush hours of Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Alpine Way accommodation is set in a rustic location offering stunning views of the mountain ranges and higher elevated accommodations offer Lake Jindabyne views, do not miss the opportunity to stay in one of the beautiful options available.
Information on driving directions and maps The Alpine Way is a popular tourist drive, you will also find information on taking a tourist drive along the Alpine Way in “Getting There”

The Alpine Way, Thredbo Valley and Crackenback areas feature many different attractions, activities, historical sites and things to do.  There’s horseriding, bushwalking, Australia’s only Schnapps Distillery for tastings, Restaurants, Day Spa’s, and much much more.

Take a Drive along the Alpine Way

0km BEGINNING OF THE ALPINE WAY: The Alpine Way begins at the shores of Lake Jindabyne, opposite the Snowline Caravan Park, 
 from the town centre. Jindabyne is known for its trout fishing, yachting, and boating. Elevation 960m. Population 3500 during the summer months increasing up to 20,000 to 30,000 during the winter months. 
3km The Rankin family one of the early settlers family’s still living in the area. 
 THE DISTILLERY Wild Brumby Schnapps locally produced schnapps made from local in-season produce. 
10 km THREDBO VALLEY HORSERIDING: Horse riding on the property. 
 EARLY HOMESTEAD: Early in the 1830’s this area was settled by the Pendergast family, the first white settlers in the Southern Monaro . Several old pioneer type buildings can be seen on either side of the road for the next few kilometres. 13.8km THE SADDLE: As you cross the Saddle, the gently undulating plains of southern Monaro stretch behind you. The Thredbo River runs in a remarkable straight course to its confluence with the waters of Lake Jindabyne. The saddle formed as a result of ‘step faulting’ during the Kosciusko uplift at the end of the Miocene period approximately 30 million years ago.
16km NOVOTEL LAKE CRACKENBACK RESORT & SPA (Alpine Way) : 46 one, two and three bedroom apartments, offering a variety of activities – archery, golf, fitness centre, sauna, tennis, badminton, volleyball as well as horseriding and a conference centre. Something for nearly everyone. 
 SKI TUBE : BULLOCKS FLAT TERMINAL The ski tube was constructed from October 1984 to March 1988. This rail link through the mountains gives people access into Perisher and Blue Cow Mountain. Trains are operating daily throughout the winter months. Check with the Information Centre for the dates and times. Known as Australia’s highest railway, it is the longest transport tunnel through solid rock in the Southern Hemisphere. The terminal provides free parking. Car park C is the beginning of the walk into Dr Bullock’s hut.
18km VISITOR ENTRANCE STATION: PARK ENTRY TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE. Welcome to Kosciusko National Park, through which you will be travelling. Check on road conditions; ask our staff for an update especially during wet or snowy conditions.
 THREDBO DIGGINGS REST AREA : Beside the Thredbo River. Bullock’s Nature Track starts and finishes at the rest area. You have a choice of a 3.3km or 4.5km walk. Watch for our wombats and keep an eye out for roaming emus. 
 NGARIGO REST AREA: On your right can be seen the Lubra Rocks, a conspicuous granite outcrop. Note the line of demarcation between the upper ‘snow gum zone’ and the lower forest of Mountain Gum and White Sallee. This line would be at a level of approx. 1400m.
31km THREDBO VILLAGE : T-F-Thredbo is both a summer and a winter resort . The chairlift operates daily from the village. Check the times, price and conditions before you leave. Park entry tickets are available at the newsagency. Weather conditions in the mountains are extremely changeable so be PREPARED for anything summer and winter. You will need very warm, waterproof clothing if you venture out. Toboggans are not permitted in the resort area. Bobsled open daily in summer, accommodation and shops, Thredbo Leisure Centre, Electric BBQ available at the picnic areas. The Thredbo River is a well-known trout-fishing stream during the summer months only. 
37km DEAD HORSE GAP : This is the highest point on the road at 1580 metres. “Brumbies” (wild horses) live in this area. Unexpected snowfalls in the past have trapped them causing numbers to perish. The Gap is the divide between the Snowy and the Murray River Systems.The road leading from Thredbo village to Dead Horse Gap follows the ancient track used by the aborigines of the “Ngarigo” tribe which inhabited the Monaro Plains and the mountains east of the Great Divide. During summer months, members of the tribe would make the annual pilgrimage to the highest ranges to feast upon the Bogong Moths, a tasty and nourishing delicacy. 42km PILOT LOOKOUT : VP- The magnificent view is dominated by The Pilot (1828m), and the Cobberas (1883m) to the south. The NSW / VIC border runs between the two mountains, a windy and narrow section ahead. The stands of tall trees are Alpine Ash (a fire sensitive eucalypt). Caution for ice, snow or slippery patches ahead on winter days.
 TOM GROGGIN REST AREA. C -T PA-FP-TF Derived from the Aboriginal word “tomarogin ” meaning – water spider, the rest area is on the banks of the Murray River (the NSW and Vic border) as close as you can get to the headwaters of the Murray River in a standard vehicle. TOM GROGGIN STATION TURNOFF: (Victoria) is on the right. The NSW and Victorian border runs between the road and the cattle station. Watch for cattle, kangaroos and emus on the road. 
82km TURN OFF TO OLSEN’S LOOKOUT : TF-VP- Travel cautiously on the narrow, winding, unsealed section. 1 Km ahead is BOGONG CREEK: Named after the Bogong moths a delicacy for the aboriginals. This moist environment provides an excellent reptile habitat. The native mint bush is in flower (pale purple) from October to early November. The yellow and brown egg and bacon plant and white rice flowers can also be seen between October and November.

90km SCAMMELL’S SPUR LOOKOUT : T-VP Here is provided a spectacular panorama of the western face of the Main Range. Mt Kosciusko (2228m) hides behind the second peak from the right. 

104km KOSCIUSKO NATIONAL PARK BOUNDARY: Thank you for visiting the Kosciusko National Park we hope you enjoyed your visit and will return again soon. 
 ENDING OF THE ALPINE WAY : Khancoban, built as a construction town for the Snowy Mountains Scheme is becoming a popular tourist centre. Population is approximately 420. It is a tidy town award winner and there is a variety of accommodation and restaurants available. The Information Centre shows film of the Snowy Scheme and Kosciusko National Park on request. The airport is a snowy airstrip

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