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Do lip tattoos fade

Most modern women try to improve their appearance conveniently. For this purpose, they resort to the procedure of permanent makeup. This appearance modelling method lasts long but without a clear time frame. For this reason, clients are primarily interested in how long lip tattooing lasts, whether regular corrections are required and how to avoid premature pigment removal. A professional tattoo artist usually guides the longevity of a permanent lip tattoo.
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How long does permanent lip makeup last?

Depending on the technique of applying the tattoo ink and the tattooing process, the effect lasts individually. The deeper the substance is injected, the longer the colour lasts. The surface application implies a brighter shade but with a short preservation period. In permanent makeup, these types of tattoo techniques are used:

  • Creating contour borders is the simplest type of tattoo option. The master tattoo artist selects a natural shade and contours it, emphasizing the lips and improving the smile. Suitable for women with apparent blurring, which occurs after 40 years of age or in the presence of congenital disabilities. With a competently selected shade, the result looks natural and does not catch the eye, so it is required to choose a tattoo artist carefully. An experienced specialist is assigned by portfolio, reviews of real people and photos.
  • The watercolour technique implies complete lip colouring without affecting the contour border. Suitable for modelling colour, giving freshness and visual rejuvenation. The tattooing process does not affect the contour, and the colours are selected as close as possible to the natural, which imitates the effect of gloss or lipstick. Defects are also rare as the technique is simple.
  • 3D modelling. This option is acceptable for women who want to acquire a visually lush shape. Lip tattooing helps increase the thin lips of clients who do not wish to perform plastic surgery. The technology is complex and takes a sufficient amount of time, as it combines several shades introduced at different skin depths with transitions and combinations. Attention! The method is quite complex and requires the high professional skills of a master tattoo artist.
  • The method of filling – a simple option, imitating the imposition of lipstick. The colour is selected at the request of the client. Everything is painted except the contour. The lip blush method is often utilized here.

What is the average duration of lip tattooing? The procedure lasts no more than two hours. The work includes anaesthesia, preliminary preparation, and application. At first, the resulting colour seems bright, but the final result after the lip tattooing process appears after 3-4 weeks during the healing process.

Aftercare for Lip Tattoos

The duration of the effect of permanent makeup depends on several factors:

  • the depth varies according to the client’s desire, so it can be discussed with the tattoo artist, regardless of how the pigment is introduced – manually or with a unique tattoo machine;
  • the choice of shade directly affects the durability; the darker and brighter it is, the longer its lifespan;
  • lip care after the healing and correction period – the most crucial stage that determines the durability of the skin; with the use of care cosmetics and sunscreen, the colour will last longer;
  • age – the younger the client is, the faster the colour will fade; the factor depends on the individual regenerative properties of the skin, as after 35 years of age, the regeneration slows down, and the tattoo ink takes longer to come off;
  • skin type – normal and dry skin has a slower fade rate than oily skin.

How permanent makeup comes off the lips

Many clients fear a sharp fading or colour change, but such a reaction does not occur when using high-quality tattoo ink. Over time, the shade pales and loses saturation; without sharp transitions, it happens gradually. To maintain a persistent effect, a permanent lip tattoo is recommended to have touch-ups once a year. The conclusion of lip tattooing after a month is not the disappearance of the colour, as women mistakenly believe, but the acceptance of the final shade. At about the same time after the procedure, lip tattoo touch-ups are required to consolidate the result.

How long does permanent lip makeup last?

If a simple technique with a superficial application is chosen, then without care, the colour will last 1-3 years; with care, it will last 2 – 2.5 years. When using a deep injection with proper care, tattooing lasts 3 to 5 years! For better preservation of the result, it is recommended to use sunscreen for lips on summer and spring days. The pattern will not stay permanently. If desired, it will come off entirely in a few years, or you can use laser removal if you do not like the result.

Sometimes the pigment fades to a red or grey tint. In the first case, this results from the disappearance of the warm tone, and in the second case, the cold style. Regular application of sunscreen prevents this effect, and timely corrections minimize the occurrence of such a phenomenon.

After the procedure, a critical stage is the constant care of the fresh application. The wound is wiped with an antiseptic solution and treated with a cream based on panthenol. The crust is forbidden to scratch and wash with running water. It should fall off by itself; premature tearing is fraught with pigment removal.

To find out the terms of permanent makeup removal, you need to contact an experienced tattoo artist. Depending on the technique of execution, they will suggest the average time frame and how to improve the effect of the procedure.

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